Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swallowing Your Pride when Dealing with an Injury

I’ve been there. I’ve been the prideful guy who refuses to show the people around him that he is hurt.  However, after an accident I had last year the idea of silly pride went out the window.  This isn’t a man’s ego thing either.  The other day I saw a woman hobbling down the hallway in my office building wearing a high heel on one foot and a cast and crutch on the other.  Before my accident I would have laughed at the sight and thought she was crazy, but now I understand her reasoning.  You want to live the normalcy that is your life.  For her it was wanting to wear the cute shoes she bought with her matching outfit, even if it was just one of them.  The problem is, what if she fell because of wearing her fancy shoe and hurt herself worse than before? Well guess what, now she can wear both her shoes in your fancy new wheelchair!

 Totally worth it!

The problem with this foolish pride we all have is that you can end up hurting yourself worse in the long run. Little injuries can easily turn into bigger injuries if you are not careful.  Many orthopedic injuries that require surgery take place over a period of time.  Bad training, incorrect exercises, and excessive sports can lead to this, but improper healing can contribute to this greatly.  For instance, some people consider the daily exercise that they do therapy. Ask any runner who has been running every morning for the last couple years how they would feel if they had to stop. Taking that away from them would be devastating to them both mentally and physically.  If you are that person and have a routine that must not be broken ask yourself this.  What's worse, not doing that activity for a few months, or never doing it again for the rest of your life?   

I'll just walk it off during this 10k...

Pride based through ignorance can also get you into worse trouble with an injury.  Typically, people in these scenarios don't think that an injury is serious, or that they went through worse in the past.  What you think may be a sprained ankle might actually be a small stress fracture.  If you continue to walk on it without the assistance of a cane, crutch, or even taping it up you can fracture it further.  This is especially true if you don’t see a doctor first.  If this happens it will hurt a lot worse and end up taking even longer to heal and eventually can lead to something more serious by placing further strain on tendons and muscles that have to over compensate for the injury.  That's why it is always very important to see a physician when you hurt yourself or are experiencing pain.

You did what on a broken foot?!

To me, however, the worst part of any noticeable injury is not to your body, but to your pride.  Just the ways others treat you changes.  Most people that play competitive sports are competitive by nature.  When someone treats you like a cripple it’s a little demeaning.  Thanks, but I don’t need any help.  I can still take care of myself even though I have a sprained ankle.  Honestly, it’s this same very attitude that pushes us to do the stupid things that hurt ourselves in the first place.  Sure accidents happen, but the majority of incidents happen when we think we're Olympic athletes or ballroom dancers. 

Whatever the reason for your injury just make sure you consult a doctor first before you try to go back to your normal activities.  Simple things can become complex issues if not taken care of properly, and don't let pride control your actions.  In the end a little bruising of your pride is nothing compared to years of physical therapy and the embarrassment of the realization that you aren't a superhero. 

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