Friday, July 27, 2012

Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is something that has become more and more frequent in the age of technology and is the leading cause in the U.S. for lost workdays.  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is caused by pressure on the median nerve that is located in your wrist.  Anyone who works with a computer on a daily basis has heard of this and maybe has experienced a form of this in some way or another.  The symptoms include any pain, tingling, or numbness found from the fingertips to the forearm.  

Women are also more likely to suffer from CTS and that it may be as high as 70% of cases.  The percentages of occurrences go up even higher when a woman is pregnant or going through menopause.  People that suffer from CTS spend an average of 30 days off work.  The reason for this is that most people that have some form of CTS always opt for surgery to help correct the issue.

The first and foremost way to prevent CTS is to live an active lifestyle.  Being overweight can place a higher strain on all your joints and muscles and in turn lead to a greater risk of developing CTS.  Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet can help with the prevention of CTS.  Smoking can also increase the risk of CTS so here is just another reason not to smoke.

Another way to decrease the risk of getting CTS is through regular breaks if you have a routine of repetitiveness.  For example, if you are working at a computer for more than an hour at a time it would be recommended that you take a five minute break every hour or so.   Try stretching before and after your break and especially before and after you begin work.   You will find that it will help improve the longevity of any activity you preform that can lead to CTS.

The most important prevention tip in general for any office related aliment is proper office ergonomics.  This can help prevent a wide ray of work related injuries including CTS.    If you have an office job, are you comfortable sitting at your desk for long periods of time?  Are your wrists and forearms properly supported when you use a computer?  These are important things to take into consideration when trying to prevent CTS.  Try adjusting your chair height or the way you sit and you will immediately feel the difference.  Most office chairs have a few ways to adjust the overall posture.

Hopefully, with these simple tips you can help to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and continue to be productive in your career for many years to come.  If you or anyone you know is experiencing any CTS symptoms please contact one of our many offices to set up an appointment.  Our highly qualified staff of nurses and surgeons would be more than happy to help you get back to the active work lifestyle you once experienced.

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